Info on Modelling


Here's what to expect when you come for a photo shoot for BRANDED.

Posing for BRANDED should be fun.  I'm doing my best to create a comfortable, professional atmosphere so you're happy and so I can get the best possible shots of your tattoo.  BRANDED is not a nude, erotic or sexual project.  BRANDED is a project conceived to challenge a common perception, and I expect there to be challenging moments throughout the process.  The goal is to get shots and interviews about a subject on which everyone seems to have an opinion and to have fun doing it.

typical coverage

First, we'll talk about tattoos in general, yours specifically, and set the stage for your specific situation to give us some background. I record the interview to transcribe later - it's all a part of the record I'm making for the project.

Then we shoot.  If the shoot is in LA, I'll have the garage studio all set up and lit.  The process is slightly different for everyone who comes in to model their tattoo, and I want to try to get a great representation of each person.  First and foremost, I need a picture of the tattoo.  For that, you'll stand in the center of the background and I'll do final adjustments to the lighting setup.  I'll take some pictures.  Once I've gotten the tattoo shot I need, we'll move to a few poses or a theme that will give us alternative views of the tattoo and a different set of looks.  Lastly, I'll take a couple of pictures of you in street clothes for an un-affected alternative and a good view of the person who wears the tattoo.

The main tattoo shot usually needs to be from your mid butt to your mid back, but each one is slightly different.  It's an "implied nude" shot in that neither I nor the camera need to see you naked, but your back does have to be bare for the shot.  The rest of the shoot goes differently every time, but so far, it's always been easygoing and pretty straightforward.  I like to capture something unique about you in the shoots, so whether we work from a preconceived idea of mine, a concept that you bring with you or we find something cool and representative to do on the day, we'll make the best set we can.