About Me

this is meHawaiian FlowerSo I'm a hobbyist photographer with an entrepreneurial bent and a ton of ideas.  Some of my ideas are even good ideas, and I think BRANDED is one of them.  Years ago, I was a professional portrait photographer, lugging around a van full of equipment (including a badass 70mm camera that I still covet to this day) and shooting portraits of families in churches.  That was not the job for me.

I'm much better at working on ideas, concepts and thoughts and bringing them to the execution phase, and in this case, I'm doing it all myself.  It's sort of half labor-of-love and half "can I really do this" and I'm really liking where it's going.  As you've seen if you've been clicking around the site, I've learned a *ton* so far on this journey and I'm sure there's still another ton out there to pick up.  I like the exhilaration that comes with learning new things and meeting new people, and BRANDED has been really good to me in that regard.

Besides shooting for this thing occasionally, I'm a tech consultant, which means I can probably fix your computer, network, host your website or set up your online store (I'm a huge nerd) and I run a rock n roll teleprompting company, where we tour with rock acts who want to make sure they never look foolish and forget their lyrics.   I'm working on a pair of other not-yet-primetime projects, too, which are exciting, but still too far out to be real.

Anyway, hopefully that gets you a little more info on the guy behind the project.  Thanks for reading this far - sorry it wasn't more exciting.