What Makes A BRANDED Model?

Sun & MoonAnyone can be a BRANDED model - I'm looking for everyone.

StephEveryone who has a lower back tattoo, anyway.

The whole point of this project is that I'm looking to catalog real people, to get pictures of the way that their tattoos interact with their skin, of the way the different shapes of different people change and inform the lines of their tattoos.  BRANDED is a catalog of sorts, a cross-section of people sharing one distinct commonality - united all by the name given to a small splotch of ink.

I want people with black and white tattoos, color tattoos, tattoos that they just love and tattoos that they've come to hate.  I want to see brand new tattoos, I want to see inks that have been on your body for twenty years.  I want to see little tattoos, huge tattoos, and everything in between.  Tribal designs, kanjs, hearts, flowers, names, faces, phrases - if you've got it, I want it.

I also want to hear your stories.  When did you get your tattoo?  What does it mean to you? Do you have others?  How do you feel about the phrase "tramp stamp"?  Do you let people call your tattoo that?  Did you have to hide it from your parents? What do they think?  Do they have tattoos?  Has your tattoo ever lead to any interesting stories?

It is the people and the stories that are going to make this project work, and the more people's stories I can hear, the better the project will become.  Together, we'll deconstruct the phrase "tramp stamp" and determine whether there's something to all the rumors. Was Jeremy from Wedding Crashers onto something, or was he just spouting the same tired urban legend repeated ad nauseum by misogynists  everywhere?