Shooting with SN in San Diego was a brand new and awesome experience for me. After two of three no-shows in San Diego, I was ready to pack it in until she showed up with her bundle of good energy and awesome.

We talked at least as much as we shot and got great stuff when we did manage to buckle down.  This is a simple shot from a corner in a hallway with a big window, using only the cloud-filtered sun as a light source.  In retrospect, I might have put up another light for very (very) subtle fill and tone, but I do like the effect we ended up with here.

SN is in her 30's, a mother of seven and wife of an active-duty serviceman.  Her tattoos (four of them) have personal commemorative meaning for her, standing as symbols of her strength in adverse situations.  The one on her lower back was the first piece she had done as a beauty piece, and its evolution was a natural outgrowth of her life at the time.