J&J come as a pair. If you shoot with one, you shoot with both, and it's like an awesome two-for-one special. I'd booked one J and she told me she was bringing a friend (always welcome, of course).  What I didn't know is that her friend was a different J and also had a lower-back tattoo. Didn't take much (any?) convincing to get her involved in the project.

When it was time for the creatives, I handed one of the Js a sword and boom - good stuff.  After some discussion about what we were shooting and how it was going to work out, I eventually ended up with some really great shots of both J's.  Given the opportunity, I'd like to shoot with both of them again, this time knowing in advance that they come as a pair so I could work that into the concept.

Below are snippets of my interview with JP (shown here on the right), but the photos obviously show both girls' ink.

BRANDED:  Did they know about the lower tattoo?

JP:  Yes, they did.

BRANDED:  And did it cause any kind of ruckus?

JP:  No, it didn't cause any ruckus because it is Family First, which my family means EVERYTHING to me.  And they were like, wow, she really cares about her family.

BRANDED:  What town did you get your tattoo in?

JP:  Oh, it was in LA.  It wasn't even in a tattoo shop...

BRANDED:  Oh, really?

JP:  it was at somebody's house, in a garage.  I got done there.

BRANDED:  Okay.  Very nice.  So it was somebody who you knew who worked..., somebody you trusted...

JP:  Yes.  Of course.

BRANDED:  I don't know.  You'd be surprised how many people would be all, “I don't know.  I just got it.”