AP is a friend long moved away to Denver, and I was excited to have her in town and in the studio to shoot with me for BRANDED.   Her tattoo is on the erudite side of what I've seen so far, although I'd expect nothing less from someone like AP.

Something about her skin tone with the green screen makes me not want to drop it out for most of these shots, so I just won't.  That's an advantage of being judge, jury and executioner on every part of this project.  The disadvantage is relying on my memory/organizational skills to make sure I do everything I wanted to, and again, I didn't.

AP: Nope.  I had to get their permission first.

BRANDED: Okay, and were they, when they saw the result, were they okay with it?

AP: Yeah.

BRANDED: Sort of?

AP: I mean no because they didn’t want me to have one at all.

BRANDED: Okay, but they gave their permission?

AP: They gave their permission.  They knew I had wanted a tattoo for a long time and I came up with something unique and they were like okay, but then my mom saw it and she was like, “I thought it would be smaller,” but it’s obviously not very big.

BRANDED: Cool, very cool.  So let’s see, have you heard the phrase “tramp stamp?”

AP: Yep.

BRANDED: How do you feel about it?

AP: Whatever.

BRANDED: Have people reacted to...?

AP: People are always going to have something to say.