WMA HeadshotOne great thing about living in LA is that "winter" is still usually sunny and warm enough to shoot outdoors as well as indoors, a fact that I've recently begun to take advantage of.  My shoot with WMA was still so early in this project that I wasn't shooting enough (there's more lamentation of that later), but I was learning.

One of the things about shooting your friends, though, is you can often ask them back for another round, which is something I'll be doing for almost everyone in my earliest shoots because I love their ink and their stories, but I didn't get enough photos of them to use in the project.

BRANDED: Did you know the phrase tramp stamp?

WM: Back then, no.

BRANDED: You hadn't heard it?

WM: No, and like the reason I got it there was because I liked spots that I can still conceal from my parents. Like my parents didn't really know, and also thinking about getting a job later I don't want it very evident on my arms and stuff. So I would still be covered with a shirt, but if you wear a shorter shirt people know you have one...

BRANDED: How do you feel about the phrase tramp stamp now?

WM: Eh, whatever.

BRANDED: Don't care? Doesn't matter?

WM: No.